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Amy Higgason

Pigeon Road Pottery



7744 Pigeon Road, Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539, USA

Easy GPS directions directly off Hwy 47. Look for banners and follow signs. One short mile away from Dot On! Designs (Tour Stop 25). Quick access to both studios during the Art Tour!


(715) 525-1635

Year-Round Studio Hours

Visitors are welcome year 'round by appointment only. Call, text, or email ahead of time to make an appointment.


I would describe my pottery as fine art with an everyday purpose — a marriage of function and expression with a nod to the natural world. I enjoy hearing that my pieces have a special spot in someone’s home, and are also used at their table.

I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. My earliest subject was flowers — first with crayon, then with ink, and now on clay. When I learned to throw pots, I instinctively began covering them with images and patterns. Drawing on three-dimensional forms has fascinated me for more than 30 years. My influences evolved after I moved from Chicago and ended up in my “little blue house in the woods”. For the past 20 years the plants, animals and landscapes that surround me are a reliable source of inspiration.

I start with stoneware clay at the potter’s wheel or I hand build my pieces with clay slabs. Then I use a variety of illustration techniques including carving, stamping, and sgraffito to decorate my pieces. I strive to make my marks loose and spontaneous — as if they grew from the piece itself. This past year I have also played around with layering glazes on simple smooth surfaces. This can create dramatic effects that often remind me of landscapes.

For the North Woods Art Tour I expect to be showing more collaborations with artist Susan Bolte. Susan weaves pine needles (coiling) on to bases I have made from clay. Together, we have created some beautiful one-of-a-kind baskets. I have also just begun to experiment with mixed-media sculpture and collage. These incorporate clay pieces I make with found and up cycled objects. I’m not sure where this work will take me. Sometimes that’s the point. Regardless of what I am making I try to have fun. I believe it comes through in my work.

Pigeon Road Pottery is a full-time pottery studio nestled in the woods 3 miles south of downtown Lake Tomahawk. Visitors are welcome year’round by appointment only. My day-to-day studio time varies due to family responsibilities. Please call, text, or email ahead of time to avoid disappointment. I will do my best to accommodate you. Visit my website for information of other places I exhibit my work.


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