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Jody Gross & Michele Spano

Memphis and Palmer Arts

Charcoal/Ink, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Paint, Photography, Film


w4884 County Rd J, Irma, WI 54442, USA

Turn west onto J off Hwy 51. Just after the railroad crossing, turn down the first driveway on the right. Park and then follow the Studio sign directions down the cobblestone path.


(610) 513-9283

Year-Round Studio Hours

Open by appointment only (excluding tour dates).


A nod to the artists’ beloved former home of Fishtown (Philadelphia, PA), Memphis and Palmer Arts melds the morbid beauties of urban grit with rustic rural northern Wisconsin. Immerse your senses in texture, color, and sound via rich acrylic and oil abstracts, nudes draped in charcoal and ink, functional and wearable mixed media — all set to the backdrop of original soundscapes and musical scores inspired by the art and process.


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