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Sandy Winkelman

Dot On! Designs

Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media


7753 Crow Road, Lake Tomahawk, WI, USA

Easy GPS directions directly off Hwy 47. Look for banners and follow signs. One short mile away from Pigeon Road Pottery (Tour Stop 24). Quick access to both studios during the Art Tour!


(715) 600-1675

Year-Round Studio Hours

Call for information.


Dot On! Designs – Converging Dot Art & Music, Lake Tomahawk, WI

Welcome to Dot On! Designs – a canvas where vintage vinyl records undergo a transformation into vibrant, colorful artwork. Immerse yourself in the world of dot art, where each carefully placed dot tells a story, capturing the essence of both nostalgia and contemporary creativity.

About Dot On! Designs:

At Dot On! Designs, I channel my passion for art and music into a unique fusion. The canvas? Vintage vinyl records waiting to be reborn. Through the technique of dot art, these records become more than just a piece of music history; they become a symphony of color and creativity.

The Artistic Process:

Using specialized tools rather than brushes, every dot is a deliberate and precise choice. From soothing blues and greens to lively reds and yellows, the diverse color palette forms intricate mandalas, weaving stories and enhancing each record’s distinctive character.

Live Demos and Studio Experience:

Join us at the art tour for an exclusive look behind the scenes. Delve behind the scenes as you witness live demonstrations, explore the studio, and immerse yourself in the myriad of records on display.

Custom Creations and Commissions:

Looking for a personalized touch? Dot On! Designs welcomes custom requests and commissions. Let’s collaborate to create a dotted record that captures your unique taste and style.

Join the Dot-Art Movement:

Become a part of the Dot On! Designs community. Follow my journey on Facebook and explore the ever-growing collection of colorful, dotted vinyl records.

At Dot On! Designs, we’re not just creating art; we’re crafting experiences, weaving stories, and transforming vinyl records into timeless, colorful symphonies. Each piece is a unique expression, making it the perfect addition to any art lover’s collection. Explore the studio, join the tour, have fun, get creative, and enjoy a day immersed in artistic delight.


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