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About the North Woods Art Tour: Celebrating Creativity in Our Region

Our Story

The inception of the North Woods Art Tour sprouted from the visionary mind of charter member Carl Gromoll, whose legacy still echoes within our community, although he is no longer actively involved in the tour's endeavors. Carl's original vision was to provide a platform for artists who primarily worked from their home studios, away from the traditional gallery scene. This concept aimed to unveil these "hidden artists" to the public, offering a rare glimpse into their creative processes and methodologies.

Northwoods Art Tour Compass

In its inaugural year in 2000, the tour showcased the talents of 20 artists spread across 19 unique locations. Remarkably, four of these original artists continue to grace our tour roster to this day: Odonata in Mercer, Manitowish River Studio in Mercer, Moondeer Design (now nestled in Boulder Junction as Moondeer & Friends Gallery), and Bear Paw Pottery (now situated in St. Germain).

Since its inception, the North Woods Art Tour has experienced steady growth, even expanding to include a Fall Tour in 2007. Despite these expansions, the fundamental essence of the tour has remained unwavering: to foster meaningful connections between artists and the public, and facilitating understanding through engaging demonstrations and interactions.

The tour's enduring success can be attributed to the deep-seated appreciation from visitors who relish the rare opportunity to peek behind the curtains of artists' private studios. While the creation of art often transpires in solitude, the artists of the North Woods Art Tour eagerly anticipate the chance to welcome you into their sanctuaries, sharing their artistic endeavors and personal narratives.

Each year, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with our visitors, fielding questions, unveiling our artistic processes, reconnecting with old friends, and forging new connections. At the heart of the North Woods Art Tour lies a vibrant tapestry of creativity, community, and shared passion, and we invite you to join us on this enriching journey.

Mary Burns, President

"The North Woods Art Tour isn't just about showcasing talent; it's about cultivating connections. It's a celebration of the vibrant creativity that defines our region, a platform for our artists to shine, and a journey of discovery for our visitors, leaving them inspired and enriched."

Mary Burns, Board President

North Woods Art Tour

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